Mini Peanut Roasting Machine

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Model: AMS-RM50
Capacity: 30-40kg/h
Power source: 0.75kw
Dimensions 1200*1200*700mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days
Small Size Peanut Roasting Machine Application
This small size peanut roasting machine is suitable for roasting all kinds of seeds, nuts, Chinese medicinal herb and spices, such as coffee beans, chestnut, peanut, melon seeds, walnut, sesame, soya bean, hazel, pine nuts, etc.

Mini Peanut Roasting Equipment Highlights
1. Small size makes it cover little space and easy to move.
2. Geared with four wheels, this small size peanut roasting machine is flexible and easy to move anywhere.
3. The small size nut roaster ensures a uniform heating of roasted nuts.
4. No pollution, little noise and energy-saving.
5. Widely used in small shops and nut processing plants.

Formula of Roasted Chestnuts
1. Nuts choosing. Choose the chestnuts with regular shape and similar size
2. For marrons glaces, you’d better use free sand with dia of 3-4 cm.
3. Cleaning. Wash chestnuts and free sand and dry them for about half a day.
4. Pre-heat. Put the sand in the roasting machine and heat the roaster to 50℃ and then add fresh chestnuts into the small roasting machine. The proportion of chestnut and sand is 1:2.
5. Add sugar. Add syrup to almost mature chestnuts. The proportion is about 1:60.

Nut Roasting Machine Developing Trends
1. Less carbon emission has become the main trend for any industry, no exception of nut roasting industry.
2. The standard of roasted nuts quality are always improving which requires the nut roasting machine is of an accurate temperature control.
3. In general, the nut roasting machine are becoming more intelligent, energy-saving, time-saving, easy operation and environmental protection.

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