Peanut Kernel Splitting Machine

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Model: BL-1
Capacity: 300-500kg/h
Power source: 380v/50Hz
Dimensions 1800*750*1300mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days
Peanut Kernel Splitting Machine Overview
A mechanical method for splitting peanut kernels has been developed, which is the peanut kernel splitting machine. And we are supplying the peanut kernel splitter that is able to complete peeling peanut kernels and processing peanut kernels into halves, and is an ideal choice for food processing with peanuts.

Peanut Kernel Splitting Machine Features
1.Dry-type processing: peanut kernels should be roasted first
Tips: we have peanut roasting machine available if you need.
2.One-time processing: this machine can work as peanut kernel peeling machine and peanut kernel splitting machine to finish peeling and splitting roasted kernels by one-time operation
3. Another outstanding function is for removing the core of peanut kernels.
4.High-quality finished peanut halves
5.High automation, high half-kernel rate; low noise, pollution-free process; low energy consumption
6.The machine is made of stainless steel 304, which ensures long service life and easy cleaning.

Peanut Kernel Splitting Machine Working Principle
Our peanut kernel splitting machine is a special peanut kernel processing equipment for processing peeled peanut kernel into halves. It is working by dust exhaust apparatus and vibrating screen. The dust exhaust apparatus is to suck and remove the red peel of peanut kernels, and the vibrating screen is to part the whole kernels and remove the germ.

Peanut Kernel Splitting Machine Parameter
Motor Power
Fan Power
Peeling Rate
Half Kernel Rate

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