Salted Peanut Roasting Machine

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Capacity: 200kg/hour
Power source: 18kw
Dimensions 1700*1500*1700mm
Salty Peanut Roasting Machine Introduction
Salted peanut roasting machine is generally applied for drying nut materials like peanuts, chestnuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, ginkgo and other granular materials. These final roasted products made by the roaster are good in taste, clean and sanitary and meet the export standards. The electric peanut roaster machine is featured with reasonable structure, high efficiency, energy saving and easy operation, which highly be proven by lots of peanut product factories.

Spotlights of Salty Peanut Roaster
1. Take advantage of electric heating with hot air roasting
2. Easy and safe operation, low cost, high level sanitation
3. Equipped with two discharging barrels, one has holes for sieving roasted products out of the machine, the other without holes for taking salt from the roaster
4. The roasting time, speed and temperature can be controlled and adjusted
5. Uniform roasting, no damage and pollution on roasted materials

Working Principle of Salted Peanut Roaster
The salted peanut roasting machine takes electric heating system, and use hot air as drying medium to make the heat effect on the roasted materials. During nut processing, these materials flow into the inner barrel under the function of flow deflector and then into the outer barrel. Therefore these roasted nuts can flow continuously in the roasting machine. At last the evenly salted and high quality roasted nuts can be achieved successfully.

Discharging Barrels of Nut Roaster
This roaster is equipped with two discharging barrels. After nut roasting,you can install one discharging barrel with round holes, then the finished nut products are discharged from the machine entering the barrel, salt staying inside the roaster. Let salt out of the machine,you can install another discharging barrel with no holes.

Technical Data of Salted Nut Roasting Machine
Salted Peanut Roaster Machine

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